Laurie Volkman has been making art ever since her fingers could wrap around a crayon. She was scolded through years of Catholic school for drawing ninja turtles all over her notebooks, and took much enjoyment in this early form of rebellion. She sketched superheroes throughout high school, and punk rockers during college. Then the real world came barging in and demanded her full attention for quite some time -- but after being laid off from a lackluster job as an event manager in 2008, Laurie bought a used graphics tablet for $40 and turned back to art to keep her sanity while pumping resumes into the void and going on job interviews. It turned out to be a good idea, because through digital illustration, she found a renewed passion for drawing.

She currently resides in upstate New York in a tiny studio apartment with her cat and a Wacom Intuos4. They both bring her many hours of enjoyment.